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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Style - Ralph Lauren...is, was and always will be...

Its not hard to like the RL collections...but sadly it is one more 'label' that is under threat from the 'wrong' types. In the UK we have seen this happen to 'Hackett' and 'Burberry' in the past. Hi-jacked by the 'wrong' types (in the UK the rednecks/hicks equivalent ie: persons from the pothe county of Essex) the damage to a 'hi-jacked' brand can be terrible.
Sadly, the current trend I notice is the 'hip-hop' crew (you know the ones I am talking about...) are walking around with the man on the horse on their tops, whilst they don their pants falling half-way down their back sides! (Yuk!)

Anyway, a few pics to remind us why we all appreciate the RL style...

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