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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bags of Style - The Tumi bag for the Business man with (understated) elegance.

The Tumi range is not usually on the radar of the masses (thankfully!) but those of us in the know, know. They are very well made and very (understated) stylish. Hugley practical and smart, if ever luggage can be called smart.
Ones own personal fave and having one of the now sadly discontinued 'Alpha' bags, which is expandable to allow large legal text books, lever arch folders and laptops not to menton a small travel coffee flusk with its secret compartement containing an umbrella and with lots of secret pockets....the bag is a joy!
On top of all that the 'ballistic' material (far better then the leather range) is very, very durable!
There is a huge selection from bags, wallets, travel and overnight bags to pick from.
The Alpha range is more targeted for the business users and can also be engraved with ones initialls.
Also they come with a unique traceable code which means that if lost in any airport in the world they can be traced.

A secret top tip to those who are Sartorially Wasted!
Its the only peice of "baggage" that will put a smile on your face.

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