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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Style - Chelsea boots

Herring Kirkdale (Rubber)

In a style reminiscent of the Australian work boot, the Kirkdale is an elasticated gusset boot in rich mahogany grain leather and fashioned on the 175 last.
Extremely rugged and water resistant, thanks to their Veldtschoen construction and Dainite rubber sole, this boot is at its best when the elements are at their worst.

Veldtschoen construction makes for a particularly tough boot as the upper turns outwards and is stitched directly to the midsole.

Lining - The Lining is the material used on the inside of the shoes which rests against the foot during wear.

Full Leather lining
This is regarded as the best finish to have, the complete interior of the shoe is lined with leather which gives comfort & absorbs the moisture given off from the foot during wear.

Welted Rubber soles
This is similar to the “Goodyear welted Leather sole” construction except the sole material is Rubber giving harder wear & better water resistant properties.

The LAST is the foot shape that the shoe uppers are pulled over & secured on during manufacturing to obtain the shape. The lasts are given numbers or names to denote their individual characteristics such as toe shape & depth etc. Traditional Lasts are made from wood but now more commonly plastic ones are used these days.

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